21-25 November 2005
CERN, Geneva

European Science Teachnig Awards
Science on Stage
21-25 November 2005, CERN, Geneva

Special prizes from the Organisations

CERN                        Lichen and Water Quality, Maria Joao Carvalho and Maria das Mercês Matos, PORTUGAL
EFDA/JET                  Teaching Science as a Process, Eilish McLoughlin et al., IRELAND
EMBL                        DNA Helix, Evanthia Papanikolau, GREECE
ESA                          Neurode (or Garfield the Lazy Cat), Agota Lang, HUNGARY
ESRF                        "Humanism and Science (Piero della Francesca)", Gianluca Farusi, ITALY
ESO                        The "Einstein Year" Library Project, Mandy Curtis, UNITED KINGDOM
ILL                           Jewellery is chemistry, Nanna Kristensen, DENMARK

Euro Prizes

1000                            Tracing Earthquakes (Chinese Seismograph), Tobias Kirschbaum and Ulrich Janzen, GERMANY
2000                            The Cardiovascular System, Jerzy Jarosz, Aneta Szczygielska, POLAND
3000                            "Physics is cool!" - The Box of Experiments, Wim Peeters, BELGIUM
4000                            Building a Weather Balloon at School, Catherine Garcia-Maisonnier, FRANCE